• Un/controlled Learning

    Un/controlled Learning

    An interactive look at the content of my thesis, exploring the effect of designed systems on the learning process.

  • Walk a Mile

    Walk a Mile

    Interactive experience that generated posters as artifacts of the experience.

  • WITH Exhibition Design

    WITH Exhibition Design

    Exhibition design for the 2014 Pratt MFA in Communications Design thesis show.

  • Scientific American Mind Redesign

    Scientific American Mind Redesign

    A redesign of the classic Scientific American spinoff.

  • Either Or

    Either Or

    A campaign for Søren Kierkegaards Plads in Copenhagen.

  • Reborrowed


    This project explores “reborrowed” words and highlights the ways that language changes forms as it changes […]

  • The Marker Project

    The Marker Project

    A temporary installation raising awareness about crime around Clinton Hill, Brooklyn.

  • World AIDS Day

    World AIDS Day

    Branding system and design work for MODA’s World AIDS Day celebration.

  • HLN Spectrum

    HLN Spectrum

    A Year-In-Review concept for HLN using color psychology.

  • Kroger Brand Redesign

    Kroger Brand Redesign

    An experimental redesign of Kroger’s logo and branding system.

  • Freedom of Speech

    Freedom of Speech

    A physical and digital project that explores the infringements of speech worldwide.

  • GSU Vendor Guide

    GSU Vendor Guide

    A graphic design vendor guide for GSU students.

  • Calligraphic Posters

    Calligraphic Posters

    A series of posters created using calligraphy.

  • Gia Russa Bottle

    Gia Russa Bottle

    Conceptual redesign of the Gia Russa Olive Oil brand.

  • Climate Central Mailer

    Climate Central Mailer

    A mailer created to spark interest in Climate Central.

  • 24-Hour Media Timeline

    24-Hour Media Timeline

    This follows how wel different types of media were able to distract me from my day.

  • Helicopter Cards

    Helicopter Cards

    A social project meant to spread thoughts by way of small helicopters.

  • Illustrative Alphabet

    Illustrative Alphabet

    A illustrative typeface made from fire.

  • Kinetic Typography

    Kinetic Typography

    A kinetic typography video done to the audio of a famous YouTuber.

  • Shrek Poster

    Shrek Poster

    This is a poster designed to advertise the movie Shrek playing at the Fabulous Fox Theater in Atlanta, GA.